Camiguin fascinating island-province brimming with volcanoes like Mount Hibok-Hibok

Camiguin, aptly labeled as the “Island Born of Fire”, is a fascinating island-province brimming with volcanoes like Mount Uhay, Mount Hibok-Hibok, Mount Vulcan and Mount Mambajao. As a matter of fact, Camiguin holds the record for the island with most number of volcanoes for every square kilometer in the world. But, make no mistake about it there is more to this small Philippine province than its volcanic riches.

The province is famous for its sweet lanzones, to which its annual Lanzones Festival is dedicated, and its interior forest reserves, collectively known as the Mount Hibok-Hibok Protected Landscape, which has been declared by all Southeast Asian nations as an ASEAN Heritage Park. The province also boasts three National Cultural Treasures, namely, the Old Bonbon Church ruins in Catarman, the Sunken Cemetery of Catarman, and the Spanish-era watchtower in Guinsiliban. The three sites were declared for “possessing outstanding historical, cultural, artistic and/or scientific value which is highly significant and important to the country and nation.” How to go in camiguin island from manila? Flights via Cebu. Camiguin has its own airport that can be reached by flying Cebu Pacific Air via Cebu. (No direct flights from Manila yet. You will have to connect in Cebu.) Flights via Cagayan de Oro. Most major airlines fly to Cagayan de Oro City (Laguindingan Airport), the most usual gateway for tourists visiting Camiguin. The most important note to consider when booking a flight to Cagayan de Oro is the schedule. You will need to decide first how you plan on reaching Camiguin from CDO before booking a flight: on Fastcraft or via Balingoan Pier. Ocean Jet ferry passengers from Cagayan de Oro city center (Macabalan Port) to Camiguin (Benoni Wharf). Ocean Jet took over Paras Sea Cat’s schedule at 8:30am. Fare is 900 pesos. There is another way of getting to Camiguin that doesn’t have that much of a time pressure. One can travel to the Balingoan Pier and take a ferry to Benoni Wharf in Camiguin. At the airport, take a shuttle to the city center, shuttle fare is 199 pesos. At the Agora Bus Terminal, ride the bus bound for Balingoan, Bus fare 110 pesos, travel time 1 and half to 2 hours. Board the ferry to Benoni Wharf, Camiguin!

Places to visit camiguin? Here are some of the tourist spots in Camiguin that may be worth your time. One is White Island is an uninhabited white sandbar located about 1.4 kilometres off the northern shore of Mambajao in the volcanic island of Camiguin in the Philippines. The island is generally horseshoe shaped, although the tides constantly resize and reshape its exact form. Second is Mt. Hibok-hibok (also known as Catarman Volcano) is a stratovolcano on Camiguin Island in the Philippines. It is one of the active volcanoes in the country and part of the Pacific ring of fire. Third is Sunken Cemetery used to be a graveyard above the sea but because of the eruption of Mt. Vulcan in 1980, it was destroyed and its remnants are found underwater. Fourth is Walkway to Old Volcano (Mt. Vulcan) which is the province’s popular pilgrimage site for Roman Catholics, especially during the Holy Week. Fifth is Katibawasan Falls a beautiful clear stream of water dropping more than 70m to a plunge pool where you can swim and picnic. Sixth is Gui-ob Ruins will take you to Camiguin’s medieval and tragic past. Its stone-rich and imposing renaissance architectural style will bring you to an era that was dominated by muskets and cannons fighting against swords and spears. Seventh is Ardent Hot Spring Resort it has several pools that visitors may choose from although the favorite is clearly the warmest, with water about 40 degrees Celsius. Eight is Sto. Nino Cold Spring is a cool getaway to escape the summer’s heat. It’s an oasis to Camiguin‘s visitors who have endured a long and hot day-tour. Ninth is Bura Soda Pool is the only soda water pool in the country which is filled with soda water instead of water.

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