Fluffy and Fream Alessandra De Rossi’s directorial debut is a romantic drama

Fluffy and Fream a couple experiences the ups and downs of a relationship in scenic locations. “Fluffy and Fream” is produced by Pascual’s Spring Films and co-written by De Rossi and Noreen Capili. Alessandra De Rossi’s directorial debut is a romantic drama featuring Piolo Pascual and De Rossi herself.

Alessandra De Rossi just shared that she’s directing Piolo Pascual in her directorial debut that seems to be titled Fuffy And Fream. The actress shared photos from the movie set, including one of Piolo pretending to be asleep.There’s still much left to say about Alessandra De Rossi’s directorial debut romantic film featuring Piolo Pascual. From the trailers, the film sets out to be a story of two couples going through the tides of their relationships.

Alessandra De Rossi debuts her directorial flair in a romantic drama starring herself and Piolo Pascual. Produced by Pascual’s firm Spring Films, “Fluffy and Fream” follows the highs and lows of a relationship, shot in scenic locations. The actress, and now director, has been actively sharing teasers and behind-the-scene photos of the movie through her Instagram account. As of today, “Fluffy and Fream” has no release date yet, although it will premier this year. Here is the movie trailer.

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