Padigosan Festival – the celebration commemorates the founding of Digos

Padigosan is a festival in Digos featuring activities like lechon parade, street dancing, trade fair, and sports competition. The celebration commemorates the founding of Digos into a municipality back in July 19, 1949. The name of the festival is derived from the term padigos, which means “to take a bath”. Moreover, the city name Digos also has the same origin. The use of such a term dates back to a story of a settler having a short conversation with a native.

The settler asked the native “What is this the name of this place?”. Having thought that the settler asked “Where are you going?”, the native answered “padigos” – which meant that he was about to take a bath in the river. With the native’s reply, the settler thought that the name of the place was Padigos. Later, the name evolved to Digos. In the early days, Digos was a watercourse, a meeting place of inhabitants belonging to the Austronesians settled along the southern foothills of Mt. Apo. The rivers near the place was used by the people for fishing and bathing. How to get here? From Manila take a flight going to Francisco Bangoy International Airport at Davao del Sur, Digos City. Travel time approximately one hour and 45 minutes, flight fare approximately 4,100 pesos it depends on the class.

Digos in later years, before its conversion into a city, was regarded as the capital town of the Province of Davao del Sur, long before it gained the status of a First Class Municipality in 1993, being center for trade, commerce and education, accruing to its strategic location at the cross point of two principal thoroughfares in the south. Digos City’s land area ranges from hilly to mountainous in the north-northeast portion and flat and slightly rolling at the coastal barangays. The urban areas and the surrounding barangays in the south portion are flat. Climate in Digos falls under fourth type while wind direction is prevalent from northeast to southwest.

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