Buglasan Festival the festivals of festivals from Negros Oriental

Buglasan Festival is also known as “The Festivals of Festivals” here in Negros Oriental. It is considered as the grandest celebration that occurs annually to celebrate camaraderie and peace among one another’s town and municipality. Buglasan Festival is the first ever festival to cater other festivals here in the Philippines. This week-long celebration is occurring every year on the month of October. It is a provincial event where in all the municipalities, cities and towns of the Negros Oriental province becomes one. It is actually a unique celebration because it is a gathering of almost all the people in the province. The Buglasan of Negros Oriental is one way of promoting and conserving other types of heritage which go with it like dances, songs, foods, rituals and stories.

In remembrance of the unique and distinct nature of each one, the competition was called the FESTIVAL OF FESTIVALS. The Buglasan Festival of Festivals brings all these together for “one-stop shop” of Negros Oriental’s achievements in cultural advancement and creativity. The Province’s annual cultural calendar is packed with ceremonies and dramatic expressions of religious fervor and civic pride. Buglasan peaks with the Festival of Festivals Street dance and Field Presentations where the visual impact and exciting rhythms of champion contingents from over 20 festivals in various stages of development can be experienced in one venue. These festivals complete most of the fiestas of each place of the Province. They are basically celebrations of thanksgiving for abundant. harvests of land and sea. Most of these are secular (non-religious) in nature. The Buglasan Festival was showcased as a cultural tourism program of the Province. In that instance, the cultural, rather than the historical relevance of the Buglasan, became more apparent. Buglasan is seen in the origin of the name which is coined from buglas—a word for cogon-like grass or reed that was abundant in the past. The Province was called by this name by the earliest people on this island called Ati or Ata whom the Spaniards called Negritos, which means small dark-skinned people. Subsequently, the Province was officially called Negros, after the Negritos or small Negroes. Thus, the celebration of the Buglasan Festival may be considered a way of remembering the first name of Negros Island.

Some of the highlights of the Buglasan Festival is of course the Festival of Festivals Showdown and Street-dancing Parade, where festivals all over Negros Oriental battles their way through culture, traditions, and dancing in order to achieve the honored title along with the search of the Buglasan Festival King and Queen. Another event that is awaited during the Buglasan Festival is the search for Miss Negros Oriental/ Miss Buglasan. It is in this competition where you find brains and beauty topped with pose and grace that balances down to what a Negrense woman should be. Pista sa Nayon featured all native food where participating barangays, groups and organisations each showcased lechon. Lechón is a pork dish in several regions of the world, most specifically Spain and its former colonial possessions throughout the world. The word lechon originated from the Spanish term lechon, referring to a suckling pig that is roasted. The colorful and upbeat street dancing contingents of the different municipalities and cities in the province showcased the history of their respective town. There are different competitions that the provincial tourism unit set up for a whole week celebration. One of the highlights is the town’s booth situated in Freedom Park where each participating town creatively display their best spot of their place either a waterfall, their delicacies, a mountain formation design booth, sharing their local music, craftsmanship, underwater creatures, or whatever each could think of.

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